January 26, 2009

Desert Folk

...are completely different from OC/LA folk. I found the people to be simple, honest and downright friendly.
Saturday morning at the peak of dawn I hit the road with a friend and headed out to the quaint town of Joshua Tree and found it to be all that I had hoped. Rustic cafes, an array of thrift stores with magnificent finds (I bought a sweet vest for $1.08) and endless photo opportunities for the avid (amateur) photographer. I noticed no rushing of any sort, just people sitting down with their morning paper and coffee enjoying the sweet company of others.
Other places we checked out were Bombay Beach, a city of ruins on the Salton Sea, Big Fucking Rock and Noah's Purify Foundation, which for many people may seem like a bunch of junk in the middle of the desert but to others it is a wonderland of living art.
That night we joined the locals for an open mike concert at Slab City. (perhaps you have heard of it from the popular book/movie Into the Wild) Hippies, squatters, nomads, the young the restless and the old joined together for a night of good music, hotdogs all under the twinkling star-studded sky of the desert.

getting stabbed by a cactus
getting a speeding ticket
having to go back to Orange County.

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