May 23, 2009

Lately, all I can think about is how

And on a happier note...

How awesome would it be to live in this house??


is me. I'm really tired of peoples' questions, What do you want to do with your life? I don't know. What are you doing this summer? I don't know. Well what's next?

I DON'T KNOW. (just let me figure it out in my own time, please.)

May 21, 2009

I AM...

a college graduate!!
I really like this cup. I feel like it is something Michael Scott would own.

Untitled 6.

I think I'm finally ready for this. 

May 20, 2009

Here's to you.

Mrs. Robinson


"Burning every bridge that I cross
To find some beautiful place to get lost
Well I don't know where I'll go now
And I don't really care who follows me there"

May 19, 2009


at the park is a great way 
to spend the afternoon 
with a dear old friend. 

Where The Wild Things Are...

I am so excited for this!! It was with out a doubt one of my favorite books growing up. I was that dorky kid who was always going on imaginary adventures. Not to mention, it's directed by Spike Jonze! 


"You can erase someone from your mind.
Getting them out of your heart is another story."

May 18, 2009


What does 2 cups of coffee, 2 hours of sleep and 2 finals equal?? I have no idea but I'm about to find out!!

On your mark, get set, GOOOOOOO!!!!


I only have 9 hours till finals and I still have so much to do!! My eyes are burning from exhaustion and my body hates me. But no worries... right? (**insert nervous shrug**)

May 17, 2009

When the days get long...

Everything feels so right. 

Let's Go Summer List.

Let's go volunteer.
Let's go ride bikes.
Let's go visit Sea World.
Let's go camp in Yosemite. 
Let's go drive to Arizona. 
Let's go walk in San Francisco.
Let's go rafting in Placerville.
Let's go ride the train to San Diego. 
Let's go make a stop motion film. 
Let's go travel back in time.
Let's go hike in Joshua Tree.
Let's go sail to Catalina.
Let's go tan at the beach.
Let's go explore the Zoo. 
Let's go play tennis. 
Let's go kayaking.


Zooey Love.

Could she be any cuter? <3 

May 15, 2009

May 14, 2009

The Old Grey Donkey.

"Eeyore stood by himself in a thistly corner of the Forest, his front feet well apart, his head on one side, and thought about things. Sometimes he thought sadly to himself, "Why?" and sometimes he thought, "Wherefore?" and sometimes he didn't quite know what he was thinking about." 

*Winne the Pooh*

Untitled 4.

P.S. Who wants to play scrabble with me? 

May 13, 2009

Clean fun and Fast Kicks.

This is not at all how I plan a roadtrip, but I still find it so educational :)

May 10, 2009

I wish it were that easy.

Sam <3


In four short hours I will be seeing Iron and Wine. I have never been more excited!! 

It will take all of my willpower to resist stroking Sam's magnificant beard. 

May 8, 2009


is beautiful. I'm glad I'm a part if it. 

Wes Anderson.

makes me extremely happy. I wish my life had such a good soundtrack.