April 10, 2009


6 weeks left of school and I don't have a clue what I'm gonna do once I graduate. 

I have so many thoughts about just running away. Why is it that the future is always so terrifying? My mom told me 10 people were laid off at her work yesterday.  If people can not even keep there jobs, how the hell am i supposed to find a job? 

These are some ideas I have been kicking around. 

1) work at Yosemite (mailed in my app... and waiting)
2) join the peace corps. 
3) find an internship. 
4) be a nomad, travel the country with Kramer and work odd jobs to make enough money to get by. 
5) try and be a substitute teacher.
6) work the streets for money (only if I'm desperate) (kidding...) (sort of) (kidding about "sort of")
7) cry till someone gives me a job.
8) ........daaahh give up and live at home till I'm 40. 

Any other ideas?

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  1. Anonymous2:32 PM

    1) crossing my fingers for you

    2) great great great idea, i thought about doing this for a while. but, i think the minimum requirement was something like 2 years... and i think you have intentions of going back to school in a year. (if not though, do it) but, i was going to say, there are all sorts of volunteer around the world groups. they are only a couple hundred dollars, (mostly donation) and they have them ALL over. its amazing. i am SURE that at some point in my life i will do one. heres a link, check it out.
    and there are MANY more like it... look around.

    4) great idea. but ill miss you.

    6) no.

    7) ...could work...


    i like your ideas. you have a good mind.